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The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde In The Eyre Affair, in an alternate reality London, Thursday Next works for a special operatives group devoted to literary crimes. Theft, forgery, and violence related to great literary works is becoming more common in a world including a cult devoted to proving Francis Bacon wrote the works of Shakespeare and kids playing collectible card games based on obscure authors. And things are only going to get more exciting as the evil-for-evil’s-sake Acheron Hades begins kidnapping fictional characters from original works, threatening to re-write the classics if Thursday doesn’t stop him.

Everything about this book is absurdly clever and cleverly absurd. Any time tangential information is given, it’s just another opportunity for something quirky or insane to happen. Although this isn’t an original observation, I think the best way of describing the author’s style is a comparison to Douglas Adams, especially Dirk Gently’y Holisitic Detective Agency, and to Catch-22. In addition to the bizarre but awesome humor, both of these books share The Eyre Affairs’ unimpressed view of society. I laughed a lot reading this book and I particularly appreciated all the fun literary references scattered throughout.

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