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Hunter's Blood Special Edition (Cursed by Blood Saga)

Hunter's Blood Special Edition (Cursed by Blood Saga) - marianne morea I don’t read much paranormal romance, largely because even the little reading I’ve done has made me acquainted with the cliches of the genre. This book has some of those. There’s the supernatural abilities as an explanation for unrealistically over-whelming sex appeal; the insta-love; the girl who feels overwhelmed by the guy’s magic enhanced mojo; and the guy intrigued because the girl is the only one who can resist his appeal. However, if you like paranormal romance, I’d suggest you check this one out for the good qualities that make is stand out from the pack (pun completely intended).

Marianne Morea’s writing is as good as I remembered from Hollow’s End. Her descriptions are detailed enough I felt I was standing in each scene. The secondary characters are well-developed and added depth to the story. One of the cliches I enjoyed was the steamy sex, which the author accurately described as “medium heat”. One of the cliches she broke spectacularly is the lack of female friendships in books with a strong romance. There are several great friendships in this short story. I think it even passes the Bechdel test! She also showed the mutual attraction from both participants perspectives. This balances the relationship well, as does the fact that the characters both support and protect each other. As a result, the smoldering sexual tension didn’t make me view our strong protagonist as more of a puddle in the presence of her love interest.

In Hunter’s Blood, Marianne Morea didn’t throw out all of the tropes in the way I so admired in Hollow’s End. However, she did choose some good ones to keep and a few important ones to break, adding great female friendships and subtracting a weak-kneed heroine from the common formula. That was enough to make me really enjoy a genre that’s not always my favorite. Fortunately for me, the publisher didn’t just send her book. If I want read more of the genre, I have seven other books by really great authors in the same ebook. Fortunately for the rest of you, that collection went on sale today on Amazon for only $.99 and personally, I think this book alone is worth more than that.

This review first published on Doing Dewey.