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Bossypants - Tina Fey Given how much I loved How To Be a Woman, Bossypants was an obvious choice for my next audiobook. Both are written by a woman who has done well in the entertainment industry; are autobiographies mixed with some strong opinions and advice; and both are narrated by the author. This book was less specifically focused on feminism and being a woman, but that was definitely one of the themes of the book.

Something I loved about both books was how hard they made me laugh while simultaneously making me nod my head in agreement. I had a slightly harder time following Bossypants, probably because I hadn’t read the book before listening, but the organization seemed to be generally chronological. Despite that small problem, I would still recommend this as an audiobook just because it’s so great to hear the author’s own emotion come through. It was a very good choice for fans of How To Be a Woman or anyone who likes an audiobook that will make you laugh.

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