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Digital Fortress: A Thriller

Digital Fortress: A Thriller - Dan Brown, Bruce Sabath As a fast paced spy thriller that won’t require much thinking, Digital Fortress will feel familiar to any one who has read Dan Brown’s other books. When I read it several years ago I enjoyed it as a bit of junk food for my brain. However, as an audiobook I found its little foibles far more annoying.

Our main characters are both supposed to be very intelligent people. but the entire plot relies on them making stupid and irrational decisions. Susan in particular comes across as a complete ditz. Her fiance, who is only pulled into the mystery because of her, ends up having all of the adventures. And even worse, when Susan finally has the opportunity to solve a code and show the intelligence we’ve heard so much about, it happens to be a code she taught her fiance and he figures it out! Basically, I ended this book wanting to punch Dan Brown in the face for making one of the weakest heroines ever. On the bright side, the narration was quite good and by far the easiest to understand of any of the narrators I’ve listened to so far.

This review first published on Doing Dewey.