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Honey on Your Mind

Honey on Your Mind - Maria Murnane, Julia Whelan Honey On Your Mind is the most recent book in the Waverly Bryson series and by far my favorite. This was actually the worst for the insta-love problem, since Waverly interacts very little with her love interest in the previous two books but is still desperately concerned about her relationship with him. More importantly to me though, she acts very confidently in making career moves and dealing with relationship issues throughout the whole book. I love having a confident heroine. And she’s still her hilarious, relatable self through it all. Really – adult women needed a Meg Cabot type character: someone we can relate to, who we wish we were friends with, and who faces the same issues we face, from careers to relationships. Waverly Bryson is all of those things, so I will definitely be looking for more in Maria Murnane’s next book, Chocolate for Two.

This review first published on Doing Dewey.