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Pardonable Lies

Pardonable Lies - Jacqueline Winspear Like most Maisie Dobbs books, this included a case related to the aftermath of WWI as well as a case that makes Maisie think about her personal experiences in the war. Her first case is an odd one, as she is asked to prove that a man’s son did not survive the war. This leads to a more personal investigation, helping a friend learn about a brother lost in the war under mysterious circumstances.

First a few general observations about the Maisie Dobbs books. The author always does a great job tying together the two, sometimes three, investigations taking place in each novel. Even if the cases don’t connect directly, there’s always some unifying theme that makes them more interesting to read about together. The writing is very good, with a “cozy” feel to it. I can empathize with Maisie and I think she reminds me a little of me, so it’s easy and comfortable to slip into her perspective. That’s not all there is to it thought. I think it’s also the way Jacqueline Winspear writes, especially her inclusion of ordinary events like Maisie making herself coffee and curling up on a chair in her office to work. She also does a great job including details of the times, such as specific clothes people wear and cars they drive. The few re-occurring things I don’t like are the lack of urgency and action in a lot of her cases, plus a certain melancholy feel in the WWI-related cases.

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