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Cinder - Marissa Meyer First of all, I liked it! It was exactly the sort of read I needed to get me through a busy, school-and-research-filled week. The author gets major points for coming up with such an original take on the Cinderella story. Although she has moved the story forward in time and made Cinder an android, that’s just the beginning. She also added her own secondary plots, with the earth struggling to avoid a war with a country formed from human colonists living on the moon and a dreadful plague sweeping the country where Cinder lives. Re-reading the previous sentence, it almost sounds too bizarre to be believe, but the whole plot flows quite logically and plausibly from the author’s excellent world building narrative. We never learn about the world in a way that feels disconnected from the plot; instead, we constantly learn new information while staying engaged with the current moment.

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