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Contain Yourself: 101 Fresh Ideas for Fantastic Container Gardens

Contain Yourself: 101 Fresh Ideas for Fantastic Container Gardens - Kerstin P. Ouellet I had very high hopes for the next book on my list, called Contain Yourself, which I specifically picked up for a large "recipe" section with 101 arrangements and detailed instructions for making them. As I wrapped up the previous book, I realized that I didn't feel ready to dive into planning and creating my own garden, so I was looking to this section for help. The obligatory introductory section of this book was quite short and covered essentially the same material as the introduction of the previous book, but was written in a much more conversational and engaging manner. The previous book was written by a group of authors, while this book was written by one gardener and in this beginning section, that was a clear improvement. The section on specific plants was somewhat smaller, but also included great pictures and the information for each plant was better organized. As a result, I relied on this book heavily when making my initial plant list as well. The last section, with all of the display recipes, was something of a let down. What I really felt like I needed was a description of the creative process of designing an arrangement and this section looked like it would provide that. But every page included the same information (these plants complemented each other, the pot complemented the plants and/or had character) and after a few pages I couldn't bring myself to do more than skim the pages. The pictures weren't even especially good as they were too small to determine whether or not I liked any of the plants in the arrangements.

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