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Vintage: A Novel

Vintage: A Novel - Susan Gloss I've always loved books where people’s lives intersect and they all become happier as a result. This is one of those stories. At the beginning, I thought I might be getting tired of that story. I thought this particular story might feel clichéd and exactly like all the others. However, the more I read, the more I was convinced this was something special. The writing did remind me of The Wedding Bees or Lost Lake. Susan Glass does a wonderful job creating a vivid world with a cheerful atmosphere. Her writing is bright and colorful, making reading this book a delightful experience. Initially, I wasn’t sure I liked the fashion references, especially since I’m not fashionable enough to get all of them. I did, however, think the idea of focusing each chapter on one item from Violet’s store (described at the beginning of the chapter) gave this book a unique character. I eventually got used to the in-chapter fashion references too.

What really won me over though was the fantastic message of this book. The characters are incredibly diverse, including: Violet, the vintage store owner from a small midwestern town; Amithi, a traditional Indian wife; April, a teenage mother-to-be; Betsy, a wealthy philanthropist; and , a retired actress and mother of three. Throughout the story, all of these women come together and help one another in a beautiful example of female friendship. Their differences are sometimes challenging, but they also enable these women to support one another. Each woman has very different goals and dreams, both professionally and personally. And this book makes it very clear, that all of their goals are equally admirable. Whether a woman chooses to be mothers or have a career or both or wants to do stereotypically feminine things or not, it’s all ok. I think this is something that needs to be said more often. I am deeply grateful to the author for making this a book which not only gave me warm fuzzy feelings because of a happy story, but a book that could make a difference with it’s positive message for women at any stage of their lives.

This review first published on Doing Dewey.